Online W-2s, 1099s & Tax Forms:

How does an immediate Return on your investment sound?

With online W-2s, 1099s, and other important tax forms, organizations begin to save time, money, and the environment quickly by:

W-2s, 1099, and other online tax forms from NatPay


Reducing Paper and Ink Use:

Spend less money on paper and printing and increase your bottom line easily. Buying and using less paper also means that less trees are being used for paper production, and carbon footprints are reduced by decreasing ink and paper Save money with NatPay's online W-2 solution.production waste.

Even the amount of gasoline used for paper transport from mill to mailbox is reduced by eliminating transportation needs all together. 

Lowering Postage Needs:

Think of all the money you'll save by reducing postage costs for each tax form. Add up what you'd spend on postage year after year, and you'll realize just how much money could be spent on other critical business needs.

Decreasing IT Involvement:

We all know how busy IT departments are these days. Why not let them stay focused on their daily functions, instead of making them worry about getting W-2s out the door on time during a major holiday season. They will thank you for it every tax season.

Minimizing In-House Data Management Needs:

Who has opted in for online W-2s? Who has opted out? Are all of the employees addresses and phone numbers up to date? Did we get the latest forms and IRS information for the year?

With our online tax forms solution, you can take advantage of outsourced convenience for all of the tax form minutiae.

Eliminating Software / Hardware Upgrades:

Forget about upgrading the expensive software and hardware required for an in-house tax form solution.

Costly maintenance and service calls are eliminated by going with an outsourced online tax form solution.

Let NatPay worry about all of software and hardware issues, and you can rest assured that you will always be up and running on the latest and greatest technology.

Shrinking Phone Support Requirements During Tax Time:

Times are tough these days, and your employees might be feeling the pressure from additional duties and a bigger workload. Why stress them out more,and make them waste their precious time to deal with monotonous support calls about W-2s every year?

With NatPay's online W-2 solution,
employees can do a lot more themselves like:
update personal information,
obtain reprints for FREE,
and set their own notification options.

Removing Manual Steps From Tax Form Processes:

By going online with W-2s, 1099s, etc. the entire yearly process is streamlined and automated – making online online tax form management the smart choice for both employers and their employees.

Narrowing the Time From Tax Form Creation to End-User Delivery:

With online tax forms, the time it takes to go from form creation to end-user delivery is dramatically reduced. There's no waiting on the forms to be printed, mailed, or distributed manually within your organization.

Save time with NatPay's online W-2 solution.Once Doculivery receives your organization's tax form data, the system can process and create the electronic forms, delivery them to a user's email address, or have them ready for download online within minutes.

Employees will have their tax information early so they may begin working on their taxes, and employers can breathe easier knowing that the year's tax form process has been completed quicker and more efficiently than before.

Diminishing the Chance of Forms Being Lost, Stolen, or Compromised in the Mail

Time is money.Online tax form solutions help to secure the sensitive data found in W-2 forms by using password protection, and secure online access and storage.

This drastically reduces the number of hands and eyes that paper W-2s would normally have to pass through before reaching the recipient.

Lessening the Chance for Human Error:

We all know that people make innocent mistakes sometimes, especially when we are in a hurry, or doing tasks that we don't normally do every day. These mistakes can take time and money away from your organization.

Let online W-2s help reduce the chance for human error by automating and streamlining the entire tax form process.




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